Why is Software Testing needed?

Software testing is a range of activities done to check the proper working of any product or services. Fundamentally, it’s the checking of expected and actual output and analyzing any defects in the product.

It involves the execution of software or system components, to help identify errors, gaps, and missing requirements. It can either be done manually or by using automated tools.

Software testing at SBITS

Some of the worlds biggest corporations and governments has faced multiple mishaps due to software failures.

Here are some of the examples:

Software failure in Nissan cars airbag sensory detectors
Nissan cars have to recall over 1 million cars from the market due to a software failure in the airbag sensory detectors. There has been reported two accident due to this software failure.

Software failure in Nissan cars

Software glitch in F-35 fighter planes causes target detection problems
This spring a serious software glitch in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter air crafts garnered wide public attention. The plane engineers identified a software bug that causes the planes, when flying in formation, to incorrectly detect targets.

Software glitch in Amazon.com cause heavy losses to third-party retailers
Some of Amazon’s third-party retailers saw their product price is reduced to 1p due to a software glitch. They were left with heavy losses.

Hence, Software Testing stays significant because software glitches could be expensive or even dangerous.

Again, Why is Software Testing needed?


Every business today wants to achieve Quality and Speed to stay competitive and keep up with changing customer preferences.
So It is much more important now, that software testing verifies and validates that the product meets the stated requirements/specifications.

A Proper & frequent Software Testing enables the following benefits to a business –

  • Easy detection of defects or bugs in the early stages of development
  • Software testing improves the Quality of the product
  • Makes the software more reliable and user-friendly
  • Accurate, Consistent and Reliable results lead to consumer satisfaction
  • Error-free software ensures efficient resource utilization resulting in low operating & maintenance cost
  • Consistent software testing can avoid failures and losses in future

If this thought – “Is my product functionally fit for release?” haunt you right before your product release, then you are not really ready.

What makes your product launch-ready?

Security and Penetration Testing
Increasing cyber attacks has been a concern for almost every industry.
31% of organizations have experienced cyber attacks on operational technology infrastructure. (Cisco)
It has now become even more important to have frequent penetration testing & vulnerability scans, to ensure the proper working of cyber controls.

We at SBITS ensures the elimination of the possible vulnerabilities to viruses, hackers or any other data/security breaches, by using most appropriate tools and techniques.

Performance Testing
The desire for lightning fast internet and technology has intensified users expectations from the applications. Applications are expected to be fast, smooth, easy to use, secure and reliable in today’s world. While we build an application for any businesses, we think it will run 24/7 without any issues. But there are times when it is under stress and for businesses, even a few minutes of downtime can be extremely costly.

software testing at SBITS

We can refer the case of Southwest Airlines here, they experienced a major glitch in their system, resulting in a delay of 450 flights and caused staff to issue handwritten tickets.

There are visible outcomes of effective testing as well, like when Obama became president, his fund-raising platform in 2011 increased page speed by 60% and raised an additional $34 million for his campaign. They prepared it for every single probable donation and we can see the results.

Functional Testing
Functional testing is a crucial step in evaluating the performance of an application before it’s delivered to the real world.
Our QA team evaluates & ensures the efficient performance of individual functions of a software application so that your application works as per the desired functional specifications and competently meets the client’s expectations.

User – Experience testing
Keeping the software functional but attractive is another important task with a vast amount of experience of the various products, we test as an end user to determine the best-supposed way to interact with the audience.

Your application should be compatible to work on varied platforms/devices/browsers without fail. For that using the most advanced tools and automation, we ensure you, your product gets full and comprehensive coverage across all the screen resolutions, browsers and operating systems.

best software testing services

We, the team at SBITS are well-positioned quality experts ready to help you across a spectrum of Software Quality Assurance aspects and work in a variety of roles.

We set a clear assortment of roles and responsibilities and a strong process-oriented approach resulting in an excellent/polished outcome.

Our agile testers collaborate and identify the risk and threat areas in your application for your peace of mind.

Convert yourself into a Personal Brand as a Software Developer

It is general perception between the software developers that, if someone happens to be in a technical profession, they don’t require marketing & branding but to make the progress. Your ‘excellence’ & ‘expertise’ in software development will surely boost your career, but to keep moving forward you’ll need to understand & establish another path for yourself which will help you acknowledged in the industry or make a name for yourself. “Don’t be a ‘sheep’ and follow the herd, rather than be ‘lion’ carve out your own path.”


Do you recognize the above the guy & logo in the images?


Of course, Everyone knows him, he is ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ & the logo is for ‘Facebook’. This is what brand image is, that at least everyone in your field recognizes you. This isn’t some ordinary recognition everyone wants to reach there, work with you, you’re a celebrity of your field. Our vision of writing this article is to give you tips & suggestions so that you can build & convert yourself into a glorious brand.

You must be wondering, What a personal brand is?


Personal Brand is a simple concept, where the person has a unique Or exclusive character which increases the value of the person in comparison to other people in the same group, industry or fraternity.

Personal Branding is the process of building your personal brand, it is similar to company branding. Personal Branding is the image of you & how you want people in your industry to perceive ‘you’, it makes you stand out from other people in the same industry with a positive effect both offline & online.

How can you build your personal brand? 

  • Prove yourself: Prove your caliber in a specific region of expertise, enhancing value for your existing proficiency, information or data. So to achieve this you’ll need to apprehend yourself as a product, caution: it doesn’t mean that you’ll depersonalize yourself. So just promote yourself as a product by self-analysis of your core skills. Few questions which you can ask yourself. 
    • “With my abilities, which job can do best?”
    • “What is the connection between this role & company’s current challenges? 
    • “What can I do that no one else can?”
  • Make a Personal Blog or Vlog: If you own a blog or vlog, that will push your career to a more recognizable point, try promoting it on social media so that people can know there is a such an amazing software developer who knows what game he/she into. If your blog or vlog get a decent number of readers or viewers you’ll have an extra source income as well as way more value than other people in the software development industry. But there are some priceless perks which are given below- 
    • Perks of running a blog or vlog: 
      • As you can constantly write or upload videos about unique topics related to software development, you’ll be able to make your way to the top, not just in google ranking but also in writing & views. 
      • As you upload excellent content on social media is related to software development, then people will use your article or video as a reference this will increase your credibility in the market. 
      • The blog will also serve as a source of income for you. 
  • Topics which you can cover in your BLOG or VLOG:
    • Give out tips on programming 
    • Latest news related to software development
    • Usage of programs like SQL, C#, ASP.net, Visual Studio, etc. 
  • Attend Seminars & Take Initiatives: You need to go out in this big world, to establish yourself as a personal brand- 

    • Attend/Take seminars, presentations relevant to your technologies – this is the best way to stand out – an opportunity for you to grow your self as well as gain organization-wide visibility.
    • Go local meets ups of your social media groups & connect with people of your fraternity as well as,
    • Talk about your experiences, a bit about achievements or challenges, you came across.  
    • Hear other people out, try an understand their story & filter all the data which you think is useful for you. 
  • Make Connections Not Competition: If you want to achieve and enjoy the success, then a major thing which will help you get there are ‘connections’. Some people might say ‘competition with others is that thing that will give you success’, but there is a saying “your biggest competition is you yourself”. So no need to compete with others, compete with yourself and become a better software developer. 
  • Build your Team: ‘Don’t walk a lonely road, craft a team’. If you try to achieve everything by yourself it will be really hard & there will be no satisfaction and fun in it, rather join a team or lead a team to accomplish your goal or set of goals. Build! Learn! Innovate! & Develop


  • Tech StartUps are better than a Tech Giants: Yeah! You read it correctly, if you’re in your, mid-career or starting out try getting in a ‘tech startup’ like SBITS because the challenges & opportunities you get in a startup are more valuable than just working as a robot in a tech giant. In tech giant there won’t be much room for creativity, learning new tactics, team spirit, boosting up of employee’s career; but you’ll get all these perks in a ‘tech startup’. You’ll experience your career growth with the company’s growth & reach out to new heights.

These tips will make you reach the top of software development, just have faith in yourself & in your smart work. If you are able to follow these steps you will achieve the success which no one could.